Düden Waterfall

It is a waterfall that takes its source from the Kepez Hydroelectric Power Plant and rises to the surface at the place called Düdenbaşı. Various sources are also referred to as İskender Waterfall or Upper Düden Waterfall.
It is located in the Varsak Neighborhood of Kepez and is approximately 10 km from the center of Antalya.

There are 2 karst springs named Pınarbaşı on the old Antalya-Burdur road. These two sources with abundant water form a river and merge after a short flow and disappear in the Bıyıklı Düdeni. The disappeared water goes 14 kilometers underground and resurfaces at Varsak, it sinks again after a very short flow, and after another 2 kilometers underground, it reaches the earth in Düdenbaşı. After the waterfall falls in Düdenbaşı it flows as a river, it enters underground again and after 9 km, the place called Lower Düden is poured into the Mediterranean again from 40 meters.

Lower Düden
Lower Düden

Even when no water is visible on the surface, at least 10 cubic meters of water will come out from under the waterfall.

Since Antalya is also a city that is engaged in greenhouse cultivation and agriculture, some farmers used to drill water from the waterfall before reaching the waterfall in the summer and this caused the water to decrease in the waterfall, but in 2018, Antalya Metropolitan Municipality made sounding works on the river roads feeding the waterfall. At the moment, water comes from both natural sources and soundings.