The Guardian of Hagia Sophia

The world-famous squint cat Gli, who has lived in Hagia Sophia for 16 years, was born under the watch box in 2004 and has been very popular with tourists who have visited the museum ever since.

Gli Cat Hagia Sophia

However, with the latest decision, it was started to be discussed what would happen to the cat when the museum was opened for worship. There was some people in the community who did not want the cat, but in the end, it was decided that Hagia Sophia is its home and should continue to live there. And now, Gli is even happier with the new mosque carpets.

However, this time, people wanted to change the name of Gli. Hundreds of names were discussed on social media, and eventually the common decision was that the cat had 9 lives and it should have 9 names. So they gave the cat 9 Muslim names.

Of course Gli has no idea about this. And thousand of Instagram followers still knows her as Gli.